Suwan Sweetcorn Farm

Bangkok. The central hub for the Thai economy, attracting workers the length and bredth of the country, A journey taking days from some parts, This would be nothing short of a labourious chore, if it wasn’t for the halfway house that is Suwan sweetcorn farm!


Situated off highway 2 in Pak Chong province, midway between north and south, Suwan’s farm gift shop has everything a corn obsessed traveller could wish for. Including the full production process from seed to shelf.


Corn seed is planted in their many acres of fields and constantly watered by the automatic sprayers, The intense mid day Thai sun is enough to dry out the crop so the watering is crucial to stop the corn from dying.


Corn is brought to the main hut where is it mobbed by a small army of Thai workers. The corn is separated and de-husked, where it then goes on a conveyor to be washed and cleaned.


Finally the husks are carted off in a truck, whilst the golden crop goes to the numerous factories and kitchens to be processed into the corn products which are sold in the Suwan gift shop.


Suwan draws in customers with their artisan range of corn based products. popcorn, corn ice cream, corn flakes, corn smoothies or just good old fashioned hot buttery corn on the cob, all produce is made from their home grown corn.