Shabuu Shabuu

Shabuu Shabuu originated from South Korea and has been adopted by Thais as a primary option when it comes to eating out as a family. In England this is known as Suki-yaki and may be found in some china town restaurants throughout the UK. There is one in Manchester that i know about albeit a very expensive luxury at nearly £15 per head. In actual fact Shabuu Shabuu should be a very cheap dining experience.

This one we visited in Thailand was called Shabuu Yai Shabuu in KoratThe concept is very simple, you cook your own food at the table using an electric hot pot filed with a lightly seasoned clear broth.

To start with, you are given just 1 raw egg.

You must then go to the self service area and fill several plates with all the raw ingredients to make the Shabuu Shabuu just the way you want.  ingredients include fresh vegetables, fish, prawns, squid, raw chicken, raw beef, raw pork, lukchin, noodles… i could go on.

 Once satisfied, you fill your hotpot and wait for your ingredents to cook. This is great for the kids and adults alike as they all get involved with making the soup.

As more and more ingredients are added to the hot pot, the broth gradually develops a complex flavour of all the mixed ingredients into one delicious soup which can be enjoyed by all the family. When the broth starts to run out, the waitress will fill your hot pot back up at no extra cost.

The hot pot is split into two compartment so that two unique broths can be made using the raw ingredients, for example: seafood and meat, or meat and vegetarian, There realy are no rules when it comes to Shabuu Shabuu, it is just a family free for all where everyone can just have fun and eat some healthy food.

This is an all you can eat and drink affair, and at just under 200Bhat per adult (£4.00) and £2.00 for the kids, it is no wonder why Shabuu Shabuu attracts so many Thai families every day.