Noodle Soup

There is nothing more traditional than a bowl of Thai style noodle soup. Kwit-iow as the Thais call it is a staple in any Thai diet and at 30Bhat per bowl (0.65p) it is easy to understand why this meal is so popular.

Noodle soup can be served out of a van as a pop up street food stall, or from a fully established restaurant.


Thai noodle soup is cooked to order in front of you by the chef inside a unique cooking pot separated by three compartments. The noodles and veg are cooked individually away from the meat or fish broth. This allows the vendor to sell two flavours of noodle soup.


Kwit-iow stalls are commonly found outside schools and colleges as it provides a cheap and healthy dining opportunity for children and students. The young man below is thoroughly enjoying his Kwit-iow with beef meatballs.


On the table there are a few options to season your noodle soup just the way you like, The photo below has on the table, going clockwise from the top: Chilli flakes, bottle of fish sauce, spicy rice vinegar, crushed peanuts and sugar.


I decided to have the pork Kwi-tiow with three types of pork: mince, pork meatballs and slices of pork fillet, served with rice noodles and chopped spring onions and coriander. It was deliciously fulfilling and satisfying, and at 65p a bowl who’s to complain!