The Monkey Buffet

Phra Prang Sam Yot is a small town in Lop-buri Province. It is slightly over-run with wild monkeys and with so many monkeys around, the locals are left with just one option…
The monkeys roam the town freely and are treated like VIPs by the locals. The monkey presence brings in large swathes of tourists by the coach load, this has a fantastic economic effect on the town bringing in prosperity and wealth to the locals.
For tourists, a fee of 200Bhat (£4.20) will get you entry to the monkey temple, a bag of monkey snacks and a quick guided tour.
The Temple at the center of the town is the main monkey hangout where these cheeky chaps can play about and get some shade from the mid day sun.
To say that these monkeys are happy to see you would be a slight understatement.
Once a year, the residents of the town get together and host the famous annual monkey buffet to celebrate and to say a big thank you to the monkeys for boosting the economy.
The residents of Phra Prang Sam Yot put on quite a spread for the monkeys serving up bananas by the bunch, buckets of nuts, hundreds of corn on the cobs, cooked rice and hampers of tropical fruits.
Monkey Buffet monkey
For the rest of the year the monkeys just hang around town bringing in the tourists.
Below are a few pictures of the monkeys going about their daily business:


Monkey enjoying a bag of crisps in the shade.






This one is snacking on some corn






These fellas are clearly up to no good.

Electrician Monkey

Qualified electrician monkey sorting out the WI FI.




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