Lammai, Thai fruit

Lammai is a seasonal Thai fruit harvested around mid spring, english time. Lammai is roughly the same size, shape and weight as a crab apple.

These fruits are easy to peel and fun to eat.

 The delicate fruit inside is about the same size as a large garlic clove and there are usually three cloves within each Lammai.

The best way to peel is to bite into the outer skin and use your fingers to peel away.  It is probably best to eat one Lammai clove at a time because the sourness can be overwhelming. The sour flavour of the fruit is protected by a fine delicate skin which can easily be removed by sucking on the fruit.

There is nothing meaty to sink your teeth into, eating Lammai is just a case of enjoying the sour sensation in your mouth.

The sour fruit is completely stuck to the pip in the middle and cannot be bitten off. The fruit is very soft and fibreous and the best way to extract the most flavour is to press it against the roof of your mouth using your tongue and gently suck.

The initial flavour is like very sour green apple skins mixed with Nerds candy and lemon. The intense sour hit slaps you in the face and lasts for about three seconds. then is slowly reduced to a sweet green grape flavour for about thirty seconds.

After eating 5 of these your teeth begin to stand on end, probably due to the high sugar or acid content.

Its the same sensitive teeth sensation you get after drinking lots of pepsi.