City wine bar and Kitchen Liverpool

We walked in here on a thursday afternoon about 2pm, with a baby and pram. I was half expecting to be stuffed in a corner far away from the business lunch elite. The young lady serving us couldn’t help enough.

City wine bar and kitchen

We were seated in the restaurant area and after the waitress finished moving all the tables around to fit us a high chair we were quickly given menus and asked what drinks we would like. Nothing was too much trouble and we were made to feel right at home.

Kitchen Menu front page

we found the menu to have in it everything we expected from a wine bar, a good selection of red meats and fish dishes.

I initially ordered the lamb chops, but was politely informed the butcher hadn’t delivered yet. Which i was okay with, it was 2pm at the time, however it did make me want to come back in the evening because the thought of a glass of red with some lamb chops sounded appealing.

I settled with the classic burger and Pech had the trio of pork which included crackling, pork belly and pulled pork.

Drinks. The cocktail waitress could not have done enough for us, Pech wanted a long drink to last the duration of our visit. The cocktail she liked on the menu was not a long drink, but the staff made sure pech got exactly what she wanted at no extra cost. And for me? a pint of course.

Pint and cocktail

So after 10 minutes the food came, and first impressions were great. pictures say a thousand words so ill stop typing for a bit.

Garlic bread with cheeseClassic burgerThree pork

The trio of pork was slightly let down by the pork belly which was a bit too fatty, even for pork belly. This was accompanied with the sweet and smoky pulled pork, and beautifully salty crackling. The mash which it was served with was beautifully creamy and hot, all the flavours were great.

My classic burger was burger perfection, soft brioche bun, juicy meat and smoky flavour. Two sides were incredibly more’ish, sweet potato fries and garlic bread with cheese were spot on. I tucked into my burger paying no regard to any mess. It was fun to eat!

All in all we have a very nice afternoon here, felt very welcome and tipped generously as we felt they deserved it. Would we go again, yes, most definitely in the evening, where we can enjoy a glass of red with some fillet steak or lamb chops.

That being said, even another afternoon visit will be on the cards, this time id try the fish dish, or the tower of cakes that another table were enjoying with some tea.

We would recommend this place any time of the day for sure.

Visit their website on:



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