Top 10 Thai Dishes

If you’re brand new to Thai food and wouldn’t want to pick a wrong first dish, let this guide help you decide what the best dishes are for you.

For the more seasoned Thai diner, let us know how many you can tick off your list!

Top 10 Thai Dishes

The Thai Kitchen menu will be serving 9 out of the 10 dishes on this list, as well as many more we believe deserve a top spot.

We are taking bookings now for Thai Kitchen restaurant at the seven stars pub in Harwood Bolton, simply use the booking form

Opening on 3rd May 2016



New Thai Kitchen Menu, Sneak Peek!

Our brand new menu is pretty much finished now. We have adopted a whole new design and colour layout which makes it easier for our lovely customers to choose a delicious freshly prepared Thai meal to enjoy. Our new menu also includes appetising photographs, additional meat options such as duck breast and salmon fillet as well as a few new surprises! See if you can spot them 😀
Take a look here: