24 hour motorway fruit market.

You’re driving northbound on the M6, it’s late and you’re hungry, thirsty and needing the toilet, the nearest services are just two miles away, you analyse the information sign a mile before and to your dismay its the usual rubbish: KFC, Starbucks, Mcdonnalds, Spar… You ask yourself if it’s worth stopping at all?


Fast travel 6000miles to the long straight highways of Thailand and say goodbye to the morbid services of the UK.

Here you will discover row, upon row of stalls, markets, restaurants and shops. The difficult part is deciding when to eventually stop.

We were travelling back to Nakhon Ratchasima not long after we landed in Bangkok and stopped at this market at 01:30am.


This motorway market had it all and at 1:30 in the morning it was showing no signs of closing any time soon. More and more vehicles just kept on pulling in to eat and purchase fruit and veg by the kilogram.


There was a sweet smell in the air of crepes being cooked on a hot plate, mixed with the distinct barbecued chicken satay aroma. People were queing up at a noodle soup stall with plastic tables and chairs all laid out in front for people to sit and eat.

The main attraction which was drawing people to the market was the enormous fruit stalls.


Fruit is an integral part of Thai life because it can be grown and sold anywhere by anyone at any time.


As we loaded up our car to continue our journey home there was another car and a bike behind us waiting to take our space.

It certainly beats settling for soggy bacon at Knutsford services!